Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Qfi?

Qfi is a service that enables qualified Qualitynet Broadband Users and all other non Qualitynet subscribers to access the Internet at thousands of Wi-Fi hotspot locations in the State of Kuwait.

2. What is Wi-Fi?

A Wi-Fi network gives you a wireless connection to the Internet. Wi-Fi locations include many airports, hotels, restaurants, bookstores, campgrounds, marinas and more.

3. What is a hotspot?

A hotspot is a specific area that offers Internet access for a notebook, tablets or smart phones using a Wi-Fi wireless signal. Hotspots are often found at restaurants, airports, hotels, coffee shops and other public places.

4. Who is eligible for Qfi service?

Qfi service is available for any customer who wants to enjoy surfing. All you need is a laptop, Smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi signals, in order to enjoy the service*.

*Service is under terms and conditions set by the location owner

5. Are there additional charges for the Qfi service?

The service is FREE for a certain period of time as defined by the location owner. The service may later on be chargeable. Qualitynet Broadband services subscribers can use the service for FREE all the time at any Qfi hotspot location.


1. Where will Qfi work?

Qfi will works at thousands of Qfi hotspot locations nationwide including the following:
• Airports
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Cafes
• Bookstores
• Retail stores
• Campgrounds
• Other public areas.


1. What equipment do I need to access Qfi hotspots?

If you already have a Wi-Fi-enabled notebook, Smartphone or tablet, no additional equipment is needed to use the Qfi service.

If you don't have a Wi-Fi-enabled notebook, you will need to purchase a Wi-Fi network card or adapter and plug it into your computer.

2. Do I need additional software to access Qfi hotspots?

No additional software is required to access the Qfi hotspots service

Using Qfi

1. What factors can affect my connection speed while using Qfi?
Wi-Fi signal strength may vary by hotspot location and can be affected by many factors, including the location of wireless infrastructure, the direction of the wireless antenna, building architecture and materials and the number of other active wireless devices in operation at the location.

If you experience a weaker signal or loss of signal, you can try relocating within the immediate area to improve the signal strength.

2. How do I disconnect from the Qfi connection?

To disconnect from Qfi, select Disconnect Wi-Fi from the Wi-Fi settings. A pop-up window will appear to alert you when the connection has been terminated.

3. Are there any limitations to the activities I can enjoy at a Qfi hotspot?

Some hotspots may not always provide the minimum download speeds or required for all Internet activities. Some Internet activities like watching streaming video require minimum download speeds or bandwidth.

The connection speed and available bandwidth may vary between hotspots.

These differences are caused by several factors including the location of wireless infrastructure, the direction of the wireless antenna, building architecture and materials, and the number of other wireless devices in operation at the location.

If you discover you have a weaker Wi-Fi signal, you may want to try to move to another location within the hotspot. A location closer to the access point and without walls or other obstructions in the line-of-sight will generally have a stronger signal.


1. Is Qfi compatible with VPN?

Yes, you can establish a VPN connection while using Qfi. Contact your IT administrator for further assistance.

2. Why does my VPN disconnect when I switch between networks (e.g. from Mobile Broadband to Wi-Fi and vice versa)?

Many enterprise VPNs require the end user’s network connection to not change locations or IP addresses for security. For any questions, concerns or assistance with your company’s VPN, please contact your IT administrator or help desk.

3. Is Qfi secure?

While home and business Wi-Fi hotspots can easily be secured to prevent unauthorized user access, public Wi-Fi hotspots generally do not include over-the-air encryption to protect user data from observation from other users. As such, Qualitynet recommends that you always use a firewall on your computer and have current anti-virus software to protect your computer from possible infection or attack.

Note: Risks can be associated with connecting to the public Internet. You are responsible for taking all necessary steps to protect your computer and personal information. Use of up-to-date antivirus, firewall, and VPN software are recommended to protect your information.


1. Where do I go to get customer support for the Qfi service?

If you need additional assistance, please contact Customer Service at 22247474

2. Will my security software affect my use of Qfi?

In most circumstances, you will be able to use your current security software. For further support, contact your security software provider directly.